Book Blast: The Master Plan by E.J. Hinze

Genre: Crime Investigation/Action

Avery Sterling just can’t seem to catch a break. Between her uncle being mysteriously murdered and dealing with tough co-workers she is assigned to find out what happened to her uncle. When she comes up with evidence to support the case, she is abruptly shot down for the lesser value of the evidence. She has decided to take the case into her own hands, desperately seeking answers. When she meets Sebastian, a seemingly insane man who knows a lot more then he’s leading on, she starts to discover new found information about her uncle and what he was really doing the night he was murdered. As she finds out more, the more she realizes how deep she’s getting herself into the world of mass destruction.

Is putting her and her partner – Scott’s – life at risk worth finding out what happened to her uncle the night he was murdered? Or is there a lot more to her uncles murder then she realizes.

He took in a sharp breath and walked out onto the stage causing the room to erupt in applause. Adrian smiled, raising his hand up and waving lightly. He reached the podium where his speech sat and put his hands on either side.

The applause eventually died down and was replaced by silence. Adrian cleared his throat and shuffled his speech around, making some last-second reorganization possible. "Thank you all for coming," he started, gazing up at the large group of people in front of him.

"I am very honored to be speaking in front of such a large group of people who have the same life goal as me." He chuckled, moving his first paper away and looking down at the next. "As you all know, the S.S. leaders have made a few changes to this year’s plan. They have added things we have never done or even tried before." A quiet cough escaped the sea of heads.

"The idea was formed a while back that we needed to target the best police officers, detectives, and crime investigators in the United States. It surfaced in one meeting last year. Doug Burch, the leader of our society, was very pleased with this idea." The door opened, revealing a man dressed in all black. He stepped inside, closing the door quietly behind him. He backed quietly up to the wall and stood against it. This puzzled Adrian, but he went on.

"Now, I am here to represent that idea and present it all to you," Adrian stated, the ends of his lips tugging into a smirk. "I think it’s time this society left the control of the government." He spoke firmly, pounding his fist on the podium.

"The government trashed this society a while ago, giving up on us. They trained us like mice for experiments," he growled, feeling his insides begin to jump around with anger. "They trained us in order to kill, and they expect us to just forget everything they taught us? No!" he shouted, throwing his hands up in the air.
"This society has grown larger and more elite than ever before, without the help of the government, and I think it’s time we made a mark, our mark. It’s time for the Stelophidial Society to make its mark and show them what we can do! I think it’s time we make ourselves known and make ourselves feared! This is our time to take over. This is the rebellion!" Adrian roared, sending the hall into loud cheers. He smirked to himself, satisfied with his speech.

What happened next, however, seemed to happen in slow motion. The lights were suddenly cut from the ballroom, sending it into complete darkness. Screams from women and angry yells filled the room. Adrian looked nervously over at Tom, whose eyes held confusion.

"Stelophidials!” a deep voice spat through the speakers. "If you wish to go through with the idea of straying from the government’s eyes, we will not hesitate to take you out," the voice threatened, causing everyone to grow silent. "However," the voice trailed on, "if you wish to reconsider the thought of straying, we will leave you in peace. We can forget this night ever occurred." The voice echoed.

The hall was overcome with soft whispers of controversy. Adrian shook his head angrily. "Please!" he spat loudly, making everyone go silent instantly. "Do you honestly think you, only one voice, can take out a room filled with hundreds of assassins? I think you should reconsider and reevaluate your deal." Adrian laughed, making the crowd chuckle.

The voice was quiet for a minute. "I will say this one more time," the voice finally spoke. "Reconsider the idea of straying from the government, and we will leave you in peace."

Adrian fumed. "No. We have thought this over too long; we will go through with this." There was a sound after he spoke. It was like a microphone being dropping or turned off. Then silence.

Suddenly, a gun fired, then again, then finally a third time. Soon enough, the sound of guns firing filled the room with a loud crack for every bullet. The cracks echoed throughout the hall, making everyone scream.
Adrian felt his heart being to pound faster than normal. He looked to his side, expecting to see Tom. Instead, he saw an empty doorway to backstage. His palms grew sweaty, and his body shook. He quickly reached down into his boot and grabbed his pistol, snapping upward and holding the pistol forward into the darkness. A bullet hit the gun in his hand, forcing him to drop it.

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E.J. Hinze is a 14 year old who was born in the southern part of Michigan, and currently lives in the eastern part of Texas. Writing is her passion and can't imagine the life she has ahead of her without it - as corney as that sounds. She's exploring with her genere's of writing at the moment, but mostly writes Fiction, Non-fiction, Fantasy and sometimes Supernatural. When she isn't writing, shes swallowed into the never ending pit of school work and studying. She also enjoys watching Netflix and munching on snacks or reading a fantastic book while nipping at baby carrots.

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