The Beginning of Forever by Vallory Vance

Genre: Romance

Amber Grayson, a conservative executive, found true love with fiancé, Kevin Miller. He infused her life with a sense of adventure and challenged her thoughts about appropriate bedroom behavior. After such a steamy affair, Amber was expecting nothing less during their engagement.

Even with the rushed timetable for the wedding combined with the stress of merging their households and finances, Amber is excited to begin a family with the man of her dreams. However, the beginning of forever is more difficult than either of them thought.

Locked in a battle of wills, Amber and Kevin find their commitment to each other and their future tested. Is this the beginning of their lives together or the end?


“I got a few hours before the pictures, right?” Kevin hopped into the truck, spinning off along another gravel road toward a grove of towering trees.

“I’m going to cancel. It’s too nasty out.” She leaned her head against the window, gazing out at the brown tangle of limbs bowing over the truck, threatening to snap at any second.

“Tomorrow, then.”

With so little time before the wedding, this would be the only opportunity for photographs to be taken. If the photographer could be rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon or perhaps over the weekend, then it would be fine. If not in the next few days, then engagement photos, like the engagement party, would have to be scrapped

Kevin squeezed along her thigh, loosening the muscles that were starting to knot. “Amber…”

“It’s okay.”

She pulled out her phone and called the photographer, her heart dropping into her stomach as the woman explained that she couldn’t possibly reschedule until sometime after the next two weeks. “I’ll give you a call back once I move some things around.”

There’d be no moving of things. No engagement photos. She sighed in tune with the patter of rain starting to cover the windshield again.

“Just call somebody else.”

“It’s not that easy.”

“It’s not that hard.” Kevin slowed the truck to a stop and unsnapped her seat belt.

“Uh…” Between the zip of the fabric across her chest and the unexpected crush of his lips on hers, she was spinning, bumping against the door in a mental tizzy. Her mouth opened further, accepting the fierce entrance of his tongue with a soft moan. She gripped his large shoulders, holding steady against the force of his hand tangling in her hair as the moan in her throat deepened. Photographs? What photographs?

“This isn’t going to ruin the next few days, is it?” His gruff whisper fanned heat against her ear.

“No…” She waited for his mouth to find hers again but he was buckling her back into place.


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Vallory Vance is a color inside the lines, Human Resources professional living in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex by day. After her family consisting of a husband of almost twenty years, three kids and two dogs have filled her evenings with laughter, she sits down to her laptop to write tales of the first moments of falling in love when nothing else seems to matter.

As a fortieth birthday present to herself, she decided to share her stories of romances that range from sweet to spicy with use of an occasional prop.

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