Bare Necessities by Lacey Wolfe

Ava Miller’s dream is to open a lingerie shop and she has chosen Brookfield, Wyoming to let that dream come true. After years of bad relationships, Ava is living life for herself and isn’t going to let anyone get in the way. Once she meets the town sheriff though, she finds herself in a flirtatious battle that she genuinely enjoys.

Seth Hampton is the towns Sheriff and when Ava moves into town, he isn’t sure what hit him. One moment he craves her and the next he wants her to leave simply because of the type of store she is opening. But, he isn’t alone. Someone else wants Ava to leave town also and it vandalizing her shop and making it look as though it’s Seth.

Ava isn’t sure what to think. Everything points to Seth but something inside of her is telling her that he would never do it. Can Ava and Seth figure it out before one of them gets hurt? 

Tour Dates October 17 - November 2nd
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