Five Alarm Lust by Elise Whyles

Survivor Gillian Hilliard is finally healing from a nightmare past. Fearing no man will ever find her attractive, she hides behind simple attire and large glasses. When Gillian meets firefighter Jack Payle, she is instantly attracted, and enjoys a wild night of sex with him. But in the cold light of day she’s torn apart by guilt and shame, and retreats to the familiar comfort of her simple, if unfulfilling, life.

After years of chasing the wrong kind of woman, Jack is shocked by the instant attraction he feels for the mousy historian with shadows in her eyes and passion simmering beneath her surface. Jack can’t get past the lust firing his blood or the memories of her response to his touch, for passionate, sexy Gillian is everything he’s ever wanted. Are they strong enough to face down the demons haunting Gillian? Can she trust the man who holds her heart with her darkest secrets and accept his help to overcome the shadows of her past? Or will the darkness destroy them both?

Tour Dates July 30- August 24th
This tour is for Book Spotlights and Character Interviews.

Tour Closed

July 30th - Krista Ames - Spotlight
July 31st -  The eBook Reviewers -  Spotlight

August 1st - Patricia Bates - Spotlight
August 7th - Melissa Kendall - Spotlight
August 8th - Ella Jade - Spotlight
August 10th - Melissa Keir - Spotlight
August 14th - Lacey Wolfe - Character Interview
August 15th - Tamaria Soana - Character Interview
August 18th - Aimee Duffy - Spotlight