The Unforgiven by Storm Savage

Genre: Romance

The Burning Hearts Series Book Three

She thought Twilight War was the end only to discover it’s just the beginning. Flame is in for the shock of her life when a man from her past returns unexpectedly. This time, she faces a more dangerous mission than before when the evil realm ups the stakes. Only one woman—and only one man—have what it takes to beat the odds.

Flame must follow instead of lead this time, in order to reach an island inhabited by immortal fiends and challenge the Twilight Realm on their turf. In a culture where men are considered the weaker species, will Flame finally see a man as her equal? Will her natural enemy become her greatest ally in her quest for the ultimate gift?


She gave a relenting sigh. “You have a good memory. I see the wounded look in your eyes, you think I don’t trust you yet, even after all the risks you took to betray the evil realm and help me win the war.”

“Do you blame me?”

“No, you’re right. I have to learn to let my guard down a little. I’ve been a loner for so long, just not used to letting people get too close.”

“We drank each other’s blood…does it get any closer than that?” He grinned roguishly.
Her thoughts drifted back for a moment. “Mm, that was hot…you make a good point.” She glanced at her palm. “Let’s play a little.”

“Oh? My serious warrior woman actually wants to let down and play?”

“Playing with you is fun. I need more fun in my life with all this immortal drama around us.”
“I’m game.” His sexy wink stirred her deep inside.

“Since we’ve already engaged in the blood-bond, it is permissible and even encouraged for us to practice the act in order to increase the power of the bond.”

“Sounds like you want to channel more of my supernatural talents.”

She smiled. “Of course. And in return, you gain a deeper connection to my soul. That is what you want, isn’t it?”


“Then let’s give it a go. Only this time, while you’re sucking my blood, reach into my mind and try to see my last name. We can channel each other, exchange gifts to strengthen the bond and our combined power.”

“Damn, woman, you are undeniably hot.” He released a heavy sigh. “You know what a turn-on that ritual is. Are you prepared for a long night?”

She glanced up at a bright first quarter moon, relieved that the crescent phase had passed. She didn’t care to see another crescent moon for a long time. “I can handle a wild night with you, Von Calder, under that enchanting moon.”

“Rub it in, why don’t ya,” he teased with a laugh.

“Don’t worry, you will know my full name soon enough. Now where’s that badass knife of yours?”

He reached into the black leather jacket lying beside them on the sandy beach. She watched in enthralled anticipation as he slid the blade across his left palm. Instantly, blood surfaced from the cut. Offering her left hand to him with palm facing up, she stared into the heated gaze already locked on her. She never winced when he used the same knife to make a clean slice on her palm.

They sucked the blood from each other’s wounds while maintaining intense eye contact. A wave of heat washed over her followed by a surge of sexual arousal. She could tell by the sudden change in his expression that he felt the same. His eyes looked heavy and a passionate glaze enhanced the already captivating blue-green color.

He shifted his weight just slightly so that the hard bulge in his pants pressed between her thighs. The ache inside intensified. Fully aware of what that skintight black leather concealed, she shivered at the mere thought of him filling her with his awesome self. Their faces were mere inches apart when she felt him reaching into her mind. Her body tensed as the energy from his immortal soul inundated hers. They groaned in unison, euphoric in their connection.

He seemed amazingly aware of the transmission between them and took his time so as not to end the exchange too soon. His eyes lingered on her, seduced her, made love to her mind while his tongue soothed the cut on her hand. Tingles of excitement shot through her. She, herself, barely kept control and began to realize that perhaps this man could be her equal. In her world, it would take one hell of a strong, secure alpha male to rise to such a level.

And right here, right now, Von had taken the lead. He held her in place while they dangled on the precipice of rapture. For the first time in her life, a man stirred a raging wildfire in her soul yet at the same time, he exhibited total self-control. She couldn’t be more turned on. She panted for breath and licked the heady taste of his blood from her lips when he eased his hand away. In turn, he released her hand and drew back just slightly.


He pressed one gentle finger to her lips. “Sshh…I know.”

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About the Author

Storm is a multi-published author in many different genres with Extasy Books.

Her novels feature her many diverse interests from vampires to rock music to her love for animals, Harleys and whatever else sparks her muse at the time.

Writing has never been a hobby to her. Writing is a way of life and a coping mechanism to deal with what comes her way.

Her wish for you, the reader, is that she can sweep you away to the better worlds she creates in her novels. Her characters are edgy and dark, sweet and hot, tough and full of passion. You just never know what lurks around the corner in Storm's books so prepare yourself for the unknown.

And most of all...enjoy the ride!

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