Call of the Wolf by Kristy Centeno

When desire battles with the forbidden and passion overrules obligation, at the end of the night, which will win?

Victoria Bonvalet, a purebred werewolf, has no desire to mate to an alpha not of her choosing and after a one of a kind encounter with the mysterious blood lord Tristan Garland rattles her existence, she knows that she could never share any part of herself without love being the number one incentive.

Tristan, a vampire of over a thousand years, no longer cares much for the world or the creatures inhabiting it. But when he meets the beautiful she-wolf invading his deep woods territory, he realizes that it’s never too late to find your perfect match, even if she belongs to the opposite branch of all mythological beings. But even as they begin to explore their in-depth feelings for each other, can they find a way to be together without starting a war between two enemy species?

Tour Dates August 6th - 31st
This tour includes Spotlights and Interviews


6th - Tamaria Soana- Interview
7th- Melissa Keir - Spotlight
8th - Lacey Wolfe - Interview
9th -  Melissa Limoges - Spotlight
10th - Aimee Duffy - Spotlight
14th- The eBook Reviewers - Spotlight
15th - Ella Jade - Spotlight
 16th - Krista Ames - Interview
17th - Paulette's Papers   - Spotlight   
25th - Patricia Bates - Spotlight